Compensation projects include:​
Executive Compensation
  • Base Salary
  • Short Term Incentive
  • Long Term Incentive
  • Employment Agreements
  • Peer Group Proxy Review
  • Market Survey Data Review
Board Compensation
  • Public, Privately Held and Not for Profit 
  • Peer Group Proxy Review
Sales Compensation
Compensation Philosophy
Salary Grade Structures
Change-in-Control Agreements
Severance Agreements
Equity Plan Structures
Search Assignments include:
Board Member                 (Manufacturing, Travel, Software)
CEO                                     (Analytics, Software)
CFO                                     (Reporting, Online Dashboard)
CTO                                     (Healthcare Communication Platform)

COO                                    (Email Marketing)
VP Finance                         (e-Commerce, Payment Systems)
VP Sales                              (Online Content Mgmt)
VP Product Mgmt             (Healthcare Analytics)
SVP Sales                            (Healthcare Payer BI)
RVP Sales                            (Healthcare Analytics)
VP & Controller                  (Cloud Commerce, Prof Services)
VP of HR                              (Networking Product Manufacturing)
VP of Sales                          (Software, Manufacturing)
Director of HR                    (Analytics, Insurance)
Dir of Talent Acquistion   (e-Commerce, Consulting)
Int’l HR Director                 (Online Payment Processing)
Dir New Prod Dev              (Vertical Industry Analytics)
Board projects include:
  • Board Search
  • Board Compensation
  • Board Composition Assessment
  • Annual Board Review
  • CEO Annual Review